Radically Honest Content – Grow your Company by Helping & Telling the Truth, by Andreas Karle

This event happened on Jul 14th, 2022 at Selina Secret Garden & Cowork.

Below you can watch a video-recording of Andrea’s presentation about “Radically Honest Content – Grow your Company by Helping & Telling the Truth”

Being radically honest as a person and a company can be a huge competitive advantage. People are desperate to receive accurate and honest information these days. And you can become the person they trust to deliver this kind of information. Creating content that taps into your customers’ pain points without being salesy is a challenge to most businesses. However, honesty tends to be the best approach, instead of trying too hard to convince your audience you’re their best option. But how can you make this work for you? What kind of content can you create? How does talking about your shortcomings actually benefit you? This is what you have to understand to nail the “radically honest” approach.

About Andreas: Andreas Karle is a German living in Santa Cruz, Portugal. He has been doing SEO for over 7 years. First developing his own websites, then mainly doing client SEO since 2017. With projects ranging from local orthodontists to big international companies. These days, besides clients, he is busy extending my affiliate portfolio and creating content. His goal is:
To work with great people and be as honest and straightforward in life and business as I can be.