Past events

Lisbon SEO Meetup’s first event happened in 2018 at Cinemateca’s cafe. Three of the four co-organizers met then – Christian, Fernando and Ana. It was in the second event, held at the old Cafe Tati, where Christian presented about PWAs, JavaScript and SEO, that Diogo joined the organization of the Lisbon SEO meetup.

Below you can find a list of all the previous meetups that happened until now:

SEO March Core Update 2024 – SEO Support Group

When 08.05.2024
Where 39 Degraus (Cinemateca Portuguesa)
What This time, we discussed about the recent and big March Core Update.

SEO Links&Drinks Summer edition

When 13.07.2023
Where Selina Secret Garden & Cowork
What Our informal SEO Links&Drinks, this time it was the summer edition, to chat about SEO whilst having some drinks

SEO Links&Drinks May the 4th edition

When 05.05.2023
Where Selina Secret Garden & Cowork
What Our informal SEO Links&Drinks, this time it was the May the 4th edition, to chat about SEO whilst having some drinks

The importance of auditing for SEO with Montse Cano

When 23.03.2023
Where Selina Secret Garden & Cowork and online
What In this edition of LisbonSEOMeetup we had Montse Cano presenting about the importance of auditing for SEO. Auditing your website and online assets is an effective way for brands to be more strategic, and prepares them for any issues that may come up during the financial year. Brands can understand what assets they’ve got, how they are performing and how they’re being perceived online. Learn why you need to do it and how not to make it daunting. Montse took us through why this is important for SEO.

IA search and SEO: Will ChatGPT, Sydney, Bard and “their friends” steal our jobs?

When 23.02.2023
Where Online Vía Zoom
What In this edition of LisbonSEOMeetup we debated about the impact IA search/chatbots may have in SEO, both in terms of how the may make searchers change their behaviour, in terms of how companies create content and in terms of how we SEO professionals will have to adapt to this potentially disruptive technology

SEO Links&Drinks Web Summit Edition

When 02.11.2022
Where Selina Secret Garden & Cowork
What Our informal SEO Links&Drinks, this time it’s the Web Summit edition, to chat about SEO whilst having some drinks

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for SEOs: What Google doesn’t tell you, by Diogo A. da Silva

When 28.09.2022
Where Selina Secret Garden & Cowork
What In this edition of LisbonSEOMeetup we had the pleasure of learning with our own Diogo about the new and shiny Google Analytics 4 (GA4), from an SEO perspective. Diogo talked about some pitfalls that the SEO community should avoid in the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and how to best understand this new tool

SEO Links&Drinks with Pedro Dias

When 24.08.2022
Where Selina Secret Garden & Cowork
What We had an informal SEO meetup where we had some drinks while we met other like-minded people and discuss about the last SEO updates. This time we were grateful to have Pedro Dias with us, Head of SEO & Organic Growth at Autovia and ex-Googler. You can check a previous talk given by Pedro Dias in another of our LisbonSEOMeetups: Google algorithms vs Google penalties, explained by an ex-Googler

Radically Honest Content – Grow your Company by Helping & Telling the Truth, by Andreas Karle

When 14.07.2022
Where Selina Secret Garden & Cowork
What Being radically honest as a person and a company can be a huge competitive advantage. People are desperate to receive accurate and honest information these days. And you can become the person they trust to deliver this kind of information. Creating content that taps into your customers’ pain points without being salesy is a challenge to most businesses. However, honesty tends to be the best approach, instead of trying too hard to convince your audience you’re their best option. But how can you make this work for you? What kind of content can you create? How does talking about your shortcomings actually benefit you? This is what you have to understand to nail the “radically honest” approach.

SEO Drinks & Links

When 12.05.2022
Where 39 Degraus
What Let’s have a few drinks while meeting other SEOs debating the latest SEO updates and their impact. Hope to see you there. PS – Talking about links is not mandatory!

How to Succeed as a Remote Based SEO Consultant, by Aleyda Solis

When 18.05.2021
Where Online – Zoom
What Learn how to effectively start working remotely as an SEO consultant: How to find a remote job as an employee or clients as an independent consultant? How to manage projects and your productivity? How to effectively coordinate and communicate with clients remotely? and more!

Web Vitals are Vital, by Aymen Loukil

When 16.03.2021
Where Online – Zoom
What Let’s dive into Core Web Vitals metrics, how to measure them and how to provide a better user experience. About Aymen (website / twitter): International SEO Consultant, engineer, entrepreneur and ex-developer. Aymen helps his customers to achieve business goals through search.

Google algorithms vs Google penalties, explained by an ex-Googler

When 19.01.2021
Where Online – Zoom
What Pedro Dias is an SEO professional and one of the few ex-Google Search Quality team members working in the field. He holds deep knowledge in Google Search and a solid experience of the Online Industry across South America and Europe. While at Google he worked not only in fighting SPAM across over 5 languages, but also in tools development, debugging search ranking issues and Webmaster outreach. Currently Pedro is the Head of SEO at Reach plc, the UK’s largest news publisher.

AMP: Myths and truths about its impact in SEO

When 10.12.2020
Where Online – Zoom
What AMP, Google’s framework for creating fast websites is here to stay, confusing SEOs along the way. Will my SEO traffic increase after implementing AMP? Is Google giving an SEO boost to AMP pages? My website is already fast, do I still need to implement AMP? All these questions will be answered during the talk, where Christian Oliveira will explain how AMP works, what are the benefits if implementing AMP, the myths around the technology and in which cases implementing AMP can be a good idea for your project.

SEO Drinks & Links + SEO Xmas Drinks

When 13.02.2020 | 11.12.2019
Where Crafty Corner
What Let’s have a few drinks while debating the latest updates and their impact. Hope to see you there. PS – Talking about links is not mandatory!

Xpath for SEO 101 + Brighton SEO Recap

When 18.06.2019
Where Crafty Corner
What SEO Meetup events are back! This time we’ll have a presentation on Xpath for SEO from Diogo and a Recap of the Brighton SEO event last April.

SEO Drinks & Links

When 25.03.2019
Where Crafty Corner
What This time we won’t be doing any presentation, instead let’s just have a few drinks and talk SEO.

Let’s talk tools – New Search Console, Lighthouse, Screaming Frog

When 24.09.2018
Where The Block cafe
What For our 4th meetup, let’s talk about those tools we use on a regular basis and go through some of them with real examples. Let’s talk about what’s new and hacks that make our lives easier. If there’s any other SEO tool you would like to include, let us know! We will meet at The Block again, there’s a flat fee of 3 eur that includes a soft drink or beer.

SEO Pains & Challenges

When 11.07.2018
Where The Block cafe
What This time, let’s try something different! Instead of doing a presentation, let’s share some of our (SEO) pains and talk about how to deal with them. Everyone attending the meetup will bring at least one SEO problem they had/have to deal with, and those joining the meetup will give their feedback and tips. The ‘pain’ can be about the work itself (a specific SEO problem), or about how to work together with other teams, or even about how to get help if you work as a freelancer. It can be anything SEO related basically. The idea is that we all help each other and that everyone leaves the meetup with some helpful insights they can apply in their work. If you’re not an SEO but you work directly with one and you want to share your pains and challenges, you’re welcome too!


When 05.06.2018
Where Café Tati
What Let’s meet for the second time! Again, we will follow the presentation + discussion structure. Christian Oliveira ( has kindly accepted to do a presentation and he will be talking about ‘PWA, JS and SEO’. It would be great to have many of you there!

First Lisbon SEO Meetup

When 04.04.2018
Where Restaurante Bar 39 Degraus (na Cinemateca Portuguesa)
What Let’s have our first meet up on the first Wednesday of April. The main idea is to get to know each other and start creating a network of SEOs in Lisbon. At 7.45pm there will be a short presentation about SEO that will end with some topics for debate.